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The team of Hotel Schillingshof is happy to be at your service.

We are dedicated to the needs and suggestions of our guests and realize your dreams quickly and flexibly.
Welcome to Hotel Schillingshof in the Ammergau Alps!


For your questions or booking just call: +49 8845 701 – 0 or send an Email »

Patricia Thomas



»Not the things change; we change.«

Randolf Thomas



»What we need most is a man who compels us to do what we can!«


(Ralph W. Emerson)

Ulrike Winkler



»Every language understands a smile.«

Stefan Kellner



»Strong people can take the liberty of speaking quietly.«


(Theodore Roosevelt)

Annette Greil



»The most dangerous of all worldviews is that of people who have not toured the world.«


(Alexander von Humboldt)

Vincent Penot



»Our goals are fullfillment of our guest’s wishes as good as possible. That our guests enjoy their time with us and that we have fun at work.«

Diana Speder

Head of Events


»Where would we be if everyone said, where would we be and nobody was going to see, where would we be if we went.«


(Kurt Marti)

Eduard Strobl

Building Technology


»Everyone always said that it doesn’t work, then someone came, who did not know and just did it.«

Karin Schuster

F & B


»We are hosts with body and soul. We enjoy it and our guests feel it with every contact.«

Sabine Leichte



»Everything you say should be true. But not everything true should be said.«



Sandra Kaiser



»Do something good for your body so that the soul gets pleasure in living there.«


(Theresa von Avila)

Stefanie Milke



»Only the one who releases control in despair is lost in the storm.«


(Emanuel Geibel)

Hotel Schillingshof GmbH
Fallerstraße 11
D-82433 Bad Kohlgrub


Tel.: + 49 - 8845 - 70 10