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Covid-19 – our measures for your health and safety – Safestay at Hotel Schillingshof and arrival regulations


In hotels and restaurants in Bavaria, the following new regulations have been in force since April 3rd, 2022:

  • no mask
  • no access restrictions
  • no contact restrictions


For the protection of our guests, our employees and to maintain our operation, we appeal to your personal responsibility and ask you to wear a  mask. Masks are still mandatory at the buffets.



Here, view the 7-day incidence in Garmisch-Partenkirchen County.

Covid-19 continues to be on everyone’s mind. We have therefore compiled and implemented extensive measures for your safety and that of our employees, so that you can enjoy your hotel stay relaxed.

Please note that restrictions are possible during your stay due to officially ordered Corona measures.

For additional safety, we have invested in our building services and equipped the hotel’s ventilation systems with new technology:

By integrating a UV disinfection module in the ventilation system – for the public areas such as reception, restaurant, bar and conference rooms – more than 95 % of all bacteria are inactivated with a single air flow. For most micro-organisms and viruses it is even more than 99 %. With the help of short-wave UVC radiation, the DNA or RNA of microorganisms is permanently damaged. This inactivation prevents the microorganisms and viruses from reproducing. For you, this means that the room air is exchanged or circulated at least 6 times per hour.

In addition, we have stand-alone devices, so-called UV-AIR Protectors, which work according to the same principle and clean and disinfect the air while simultaneously circulating it.

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