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Originally there was a farmhouse, called Harrerhof, which was built in 1832. The corresponding property then reached from Hörnlewald, the forest on the foot of the mountain Hörnle, accross the roads called Harrer- and Hainerstrasse, to what is now called Alpenhof across the road Fallerstrasse down to what is now Schillingsweg and ended at the bridge over the canyon.


In the 1980s, the current hotel Schillingshof was built in new buildings.

In 1897 the owner sold the farmhouse and the property to Dr. Eugen Schilling, founder and manager of the gasworks of Augsburg. The farmhouse became Schillingshof and was in the beginning the summer residence of the Schillings’ clan, who lived in Munich.


After the end of the First World War, the Schilling family finally moved to Bad Kohlgrub. Eugen Schilling dedicated himself to his estate Schillingshof, music and especially painting. Over time, guest rooms were created in the Hofstatt, which were rented out to so-called “summer visitors”.

But by skiing becoming a leisure activity, increasingly guests have also been accommodated in wintertime. Eugen Schilling died on July 4th in 1941 in Bad Kohlgrub and found his last rest in the bell tower of the Paulus church (protestant church) in Bad Kohlgrub.


In the postwar period of World War II, his widow Thekla Schilling, née von Tubeuf, accommodated all surviving relatives with their families (Hainer, Keilmann and Bestelmeyer) at the Schillingshof until she divided the entire estate into three parts in 1949.

The two granddaughters, Hertha Keilmann (née Bulle) and Erika Bestelmeyer (née Bulle) each received a building plot on the current Schillingsweg and a forest plot on the Hörnle. The largest share of land on the farm/guesthouse went to the granddaughter Ingeborg Göricke (née Hainer).


In 1952 the farm house was extended for the first time and rooms for the first mud treatments were built against it. From this year on in every winter new buildings have been constructed or already existing buildings extended. By this time Bad Kohlgrub had become a well-known health resort and attracted a great number of visitors.

Hotel Schillingshof in the 1980th


In 1981 Frau Göricke (neé Hainer) sold Schillingshof and part of the property. The new owner was Mr. Willi O Hoffmann, former president of FC Bayern München, who took the modern  Hausherrenmodell (tax beneficial scheme for building residential properties) for the real estate.


He sold the house that had evolved to a considerable spa hotel in the meantime to Accor Hotel Group. It was run as spa hotel Schillingshof quasi „white-label”.

In 1987 Dieter Müller became the new owner. Schillingshof together with two other resorthotels were the first hotels and the beginning of the successful Hotel Group ASTRON Hotels with a recent result of 60 houses in Germany and other Europe. Hotel Schillingshof developed in a prosperous spa and congress hotel.


After ASTRON HOTELS had been sold to the Spanish Hotel Group NH Hotels in 2002 Hotel Schillingshof remained property of Mr. Müller, it became part of the new Motel One Hotel Group and was thoroughly renovated and furnished with care.

Schillingshof today


Today the property is fully privately owned again.


In the course of a „Management buy out” the couple Patricia and Randolf Thomas were able to acquire Schillingshof. Now it is again a family managed hotel focusing on active and conference sectors.

Hotel Schillingshof GmbH
Fallerstraße 11
D-82433 Bad Kohlgrub


Tel.: + 49 - 8845 - 70 10