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The first fully digitalized rhetoric studio in Germany – and that in a hotel

In “Room Murnau” we have established our rhetoric studio since March 2014. Presenter and participants can be caught from all angles by two integrated full-motion and remote controllable HD-cameras. Thus they can analyze their reactions. A semi-professional studio camera, placed on a Dolly records everything from a frontal view and provides the typical studio atmosphere.


The special feature of our camera equipment is a wide angle camera which is embedded in the ceiling and by this nearly invisible. Pointing vertically at the conference table it allows you to study and analyze the typical situation at a meeting. Also this camera is operated via remote control.

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Rhetoric studio – technical data



  • ca. 650m installed cables
  • all image signals in digital SD form
  • 3 digital remote controllable ceiling cameras in HD-standard
  • 1 studio camera HD
  • 1 digital video mixing desk
  • 1 central control panel for the adjustment of cameras in VISCA-Forma
  • Pretend 5 different microphone situations
  • 1 digital video and audio recorder
  • In the front spot lights and hallogen headlights provide a stage-like lighting
  • lap top connections for VGA and HDMI

Cameras & Projectors

All cameras in the rhetoric studio deliver strikingly sharp images at HD-1080i-Standard.  Image and motion are controlled by a mobile rack including the control desk for the three ceiling cameras and the vision mixer. This vision mixer transfers the video signals of all cameras to a digital BluRay recorder and a 4000 ANSI Lumen HD projector. It projects strikingly sharp images at HD standard onto the screen and can be embedded in the ceiling.


Live-monitoring & -recording

The excellent sound is provided by full range ceiling speakers controlled by the mixing systems in the rack. The correct handling of a microphone can be trained by a hand-held microphone, a headset and a clip-on microphone. They are all wireless and the trainer can walk around. To simulate standing behind a lectern you can use the lectern microphone. The boundary microphone mounted on the ceiling records the surround sound.


External sound can be put in. All microphones and playback are connected to the mixing system in the rack and can be directed form here. The sound can be recorded by the BluRay recorder.


Playbacks of external sound recordings are also possible at the rhetoric studio. All microphones and playback devices are connected to the mixer located in the rack and can be operated from there. If necessary, the sound on the BluRay recorder is recorded. You can pretend almost any situation of a presentation or discussion. The digital recorder in the rack records both an individual scene or the complete event just as you like. The recordings can be copied on USB or BluRay for every participant.


There is an extra charge to the conference package price of 15,- EUR per day and person if you want to use our rhetoric studio.

Hotel Schillingshof GmbH
Fallerstraße 11
D-82433 Bad Kohlgrub


Tel.: + 49 - 8845 - 70 10